Sunday, June 11, 2006

Powder Jew melts down

can you beliveve it?! he's finally figured it out. i've now offically blogged. somebody get me a cigarette! i'm spent! sooooo..... for those of you who don't really know me that well let me start by saying that since a very young age i found myself trying to impress not just my friends but also myself. that could include feats of athleticism as well as feats of shear stupidity. looking back it appears that rarely have i backed down from much. (short of eating entire blotters of primium acid followed by heavy drinking during a rather long college career!) so here i am a little bit older maybe a little less stupid possibly a little more wise but still looking to impress. after an very very long heart to heart with my brain and my body i have made the difficult decison to back out of the jay race. suddenly i feel like kenny in south park about to be ridiculed from every angle. i can almost feel the razzing travelling through the computer from you guys to me. the harsh but true reality is that i have a super hard physical job which includes long periods of time spent with not just my father but my very jewish mother so not only do i get to beat the shit out of myself for 12 hours a day but my mom gets to help! over the years my back has just gotten worse and after the physical therapists, doctors, chiropractors, etc. im no better. my back just wont take that much time in the saddle. all that coupled with some really shit weather and i have the perfect recipe for failure. im just not physically able to do what i want which mostly is not just finnishing but finnishing with some style. not dragging myself across the line by my lips! like i said before maybe a few years of growth and maturity have given me some inner knowledge. its time to let go of my pride and ego a litte and accept some reality. i cant really party or ski or ride like i used to but i can still go out and have a really good fuckin time with my friends. even if they are faster! i feel like a real shit for letting you guys down like this and i really cant belive what an effort you all have shown in terms of trainning for the race. my shoulders are broad so let the insults fly! i am ready mo fo's! good luck to all of you. you are better men than i
the weakest and most feeblest powder jew

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