Friday, June 27, 2008

Great rant!

You may have already read this on Velonews, but if not take a minute and give it a read- pretty funny stuff!


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Maybe saying goodbye to....

...a couple of bikes from the stable. I've got someone looking at my M2 SS and Jake the Snake, and they may soon have a new home. The good news is they will go to someone who rides and that makes me happy- the bad news- well lets just say I don't really like getting rid of gear.

The M2 has been with me for a long time. It was my first high end mountain bike, and we've had some fantastic adventures together over the years. I can actually remember when I got it, I was working at the Skirack in Vermont and I bought two- one for my wife and one for myself on Pro-deal and I remember the rep working with me on the part spec. Actually to date I still haven't spent as much money on a single bike, the prodeal on the bike was $2672.28. Why I remember that was that I bought my wife's engagement ring soon after and I thought it was funny that I spent more on the bike then on her ring. As a side note- she no longer has that ring (well she has the ring but has lost the diamond) but she still has her bike! That may be why I've held on to mine as well- sentimental reasons. But now I don't ride it, it sits in third position when it comes to my mountain bikes and just doesn't get the love. It now is built up as a SS with a rigid fork and most of the riding it sees in towing Emma around on the trail-a-bike. The bike does that very well, but I have to say it wants to get back on the trails and rail around on single track.

The other bike is the Jake the Snake- which I got as a used bike and have since become completely hooked on cross racing. We've been through some good races but it has always been a bit off in terms of fit. The saving grace is I plan on replacing it with another Jake- just a larger size.

So there is my roll down memory lane for this morning. Get out and ride- and Blue- I hope things are drying out!



Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Good Way To Start The Day

JJ called me last night to see if I wanted to ride in this morning, I said yes and we then made the decision about dirt or pavement. Dirt was the choice, the time was set and all was good in the world of cycling.

We met up a bit past 7:30 and began our pedal. Normally the commute via the road takes around 25-30 minutes with not a whole lot of effort. Dirt doubles that and this morning I was feeling it, but in a good way.

We hit the trails that connect from Pine Tree over to Stritch, then pavement to Sears, rail to powerline, powerline to sticks and stones, pavement into town. Got that?

Anyway it was a good ride, I'm awake (although I am drinking coffee) and it was good to get out and ride with JJ.

Last night I chatted with A1 who had just got done riding the spin bike- I let you make your own comments.

24 Hours of Great Glen is only two months away. That scares me a bit, or it relaxes me- I'm not sure which!

Anyway time to get to work. Ride on.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Red Jersey Summer Race Series, Race #1

On Thursday evening the first race of the 4 race Red Jersey Summer Series was held at Whitaker Woods in North Conway, NH. This was my first Mountain Bike Race of the season and I had no idea how I was going to do. I got to the race early enough to pre-ride the course and as I got about half way around the course a friend who was riding it with me pucked up a stick with his rear deraileur and turned it into a prtezel. He started his walk back to the parking lot and I figured his evening was over.

The course was reletively non-technical but had a fair amount of climbing per lap. Each lap was about 2.7 miles long and started out going straight up right from the start line. My class was doing three laps and so I was pacing myself for the first climb trying to turn as large a gear as I could and keep from going into the red. I turned my first lap in about 17 minutes. There was not really many spots where you could open it up due to the climbing or the amount of rooty sections as the entire race is set in an old pine forest. At a certain point you just cannot maintain a line or sem to keep the bike on the ground.

Once I finished my first lap I had a better idea on how to ride the next two laps. I rode the initial climb as hard as I could and figured I could try to recover afterwards. I was riding in a pack of 3 other riders and we were all moving to the front and then getting passed but no one was getting dropped. I finished my second lap in about 16 minutes.

For my last lap I tried to climb the first hill as fast as I could. Two ot the three other riders stayed with me as we lost one who was out of gas. At the top of the climb I tried to grab my water bottle and almost tipped over and the other tow guys passed me. AS we continued around the last lap they were able to get about a 50 yard gap on me. As we entered the last 1/4 mile stretch it is pretty flat except for the roots. I decided I would try to make a mad dash for the line with about 200 yards to go and pass the two other guys with 50 yards or so to the line hoping they would not see me coming and not be able to react quick enough. I was pushing my big ring as hard as I could and my strategy ended up working out as I slipped by and across the line in front of the other two guys. I ended up finishing in just about 48 minutes.

It was a fun race and nice way to start off the summer season. After a turkey wrap from Matty B's it was time for awards. As the called the places for third and then second I realized I had placed first. It was a cool beginning of the season to hop onto the top spot of the podium. Hope to repeat it again in the coming weeks but also realized I have much wok to do to get ready for the 24 Hours of Great Glen in August.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Good fathers day

Good out for a spin with A1, JJ and A1's buddy Brian for a Fathers Day SS ride in Davis. We did our part feeding the 'skeeters during our two hour trek. A1 spent some time on the ground, including a spectacular uphill wreck that I missed seeing but certainly heard it. That was just before I had to dismount and walk up the hill as I just don't have the legs this year- need to work on that!

Spent some time watching the Meet the Press special, Russert was always a favorite of mine- and it is hard be believe he is gone. Whoever assumes his chair has some big shoes to fill.

Then watched footage of the floods- Blue, I hope you are doing ok! We're thinking of you here in the east.

Last night I found myself watching WAYYYYY to much TV- US Open, Dauphine, and then NBA finals. I should hook my TV up the trainer and only watch as long as I can keep the thing powered up!

That's if from here. Wet week coming our way- so we'll keep the 'skeeters well fed.



Friday, June 13, 2008


Ride plans this weekend? I haven't touched my bike since the weekend- that's no good!

Trying to figure out what I might sell at the bike swap at the Moat tomorrow- or will I not even make it? Hmmmm, have to see.

So are their ride plans out there?


Monday, June 09, 2008

Good weekend of riding

Got out for a couple hours on the road bike on Saturday, did the Snowville loop solo and took it nice and easy. Ran into JJ as he was heading out to eat with the family, and we made a tentative plan to ride on Sunday morning. I rolled hom, got cleaned up and then the family and I headed out to Cafe Noche. From there I texted as many people as I could find in my address book that a ride would be leaving at 7am from my house.

Sunday morning came a bit quicker then I had hoped. My plan had been to get up early and do some work to the Mamasita, but best laid plans often fall apart.

The continget of riders- JJ and I. We headed out (both running gears and suspension- oh my!). The day's temps were slated to get up into the 90's and the early morning "cool" wasn't staying cool for too long. We rolled through Pine Tree, then the trails over to Stritch, 302 to Sears and from that point we stayed on trails for the next couple of hours. It was good to get out and try to ride sort of fast, of course I was dreading what I knew lay ahead- the Cranmore Access Road. I was still running a 2x9 and a 32x32 on a 29'er still isn't very low. I don't know why a 32x20 seems find for climbing on the SS but when you run gears you expect to have a gear that will work.

Needless to say on the climb JJ rode away and it wasn't long before I was walking in shame. That is untill I saw JJ walking in shame as well. Maybe a granny gear isn't such a bad thing! Or maybe having 25% of the miles in my legs that I usually have this time of year is a bad thing- it's one or the other!

We got to the top and I was starting to feel pretty whooped. The temps were up and I was blasting through my water. I had enough to get back to town, but that was only because I wasn't drinking the rest right then and there. The rip down Red Tail was excellent. I felt pretty good, there were a few bobbles that put my heart in my throat, but for the most part we kept the downhill speed in check.

We rolled the lower section, saw a couple riding up and then ran into PeteO at the water tower- he was heading up as well. I would have loved to see how he rides up that thing- as he is one strong and fast rider (last years 24HOGG solo champ).

Next stop was Sids in town to reload on water and for me a coke and JJ a redbull. I'm not sure the temp at that point- but damn it was hot.

We rolled home via the powerline and then fast tracked it back on the pavement. I was struggling pretty hard at the end- basically staring at JJ's backside and just trying to hold his wheel. There was a sprint for the line- mine was very feeble and JJ won easily. From that point it was just survival getting home as temps had crossed into the mid 90's and I was pretty much melting. It was good to be done, it was good to run cold water on my head, it was good that the cramps didn't kick in until I had showered and was laying on the couch.

Thanks to JJ for towing my slowing butt home and can't wait to do it again!


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sunday AM Ride

Finally got out for a long dirt ride. Cannot beleive it took til JUNE to happen. DEA and I met at his house at 7 am to start and as I arrived at his house his kids met me at the door to tell me that he'd overslept. Apparently DEA texted all his friends for the ride and they all showed up. SO the two of us set off for a good ride. We explored some new trail and rode some old favorites. All in all it was pretty good. I decided that since DEA was running a 2x9 I would not use my granny gear. As a result we both did our fair share of walking. Have to keep the walking shoes in shape for the SS.


These shots are mid way down the Red Tail trail. Behind me in the distance is Mt Washington. Behind DEA is a bunch of scrub.

Summary Data
Total Time (h:m:s) 3:41:24 8:23 pace
Moving Time (h:m:s) 3:02:38 6:55 pace
Distance (mi ) 26.40
Moving Speed (mph) 8.7 avg. 32.3 max.
Elevation Gain (ft) +2,997 / -2,997

Avg. Heart Rate 152 bpm Zone 4.0

Temperature (°F) 78.4°F avg. 84.2°F high
Wind Speed ( mph) NNE 0.9 avg. NNE 3.5 max.

The ride was inside of 4 hours which was good since we'd both be in the dog house if we were out any longer. Ended up with a rolling time of a little over 3 hours, about 26 and a half miles with about 3000 feet of climbing.

Works out to about 3 laps at the 24 hour race. Boy am I in trouble.


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Went for a run


Ok onto a more uplifting topic- ride this weekend? Who's up for a good one? Thinking about the loop around from Ctr Conway, Freyburg, Trail 19, HMR, Red Tail, SS, SideHill, PowerLine, Rec, home.

Leave at 6am be back by 9ish to 10ish.



Monday, June 02, 2008

Cedar Creek

Got out for a good ride yesterday with A1 and a few other folks. Met up with a friend of my sisters that I've been trying to ride with for a couple of years now, and he brought along a friend who had the ultimate in Ti gear- a new shoulder! Get this- he had the Ti shoulder "installed" six weeks ago and was out hammering on a mountain bike- he said he was having a hard time as he was basically riding one armed (sounds like JJ most of last year!) but he was hanging tough. I can't wait to ride with them again after he's a bit stronger in the arm. He did say that he was sold on the SS option- ah yes our attempt to concour teh world continues! (not really)

We also met two other guys out on the trail, so we had a good group and it was fun.

I had one of my best rides down the descent at the mineral site, and I have to say- I was freakin flying (and I'll also so it won't happen again as i scared myself) but I had a guy riding an Ellsworth Truth behind me and I was hell bent to stay in front on my rigid SS- I did and it was fun and I hope I can ride that way again- but I might back it off from the edge a bit in the future as I came close a couple times to stacking hard.

A1 was out and riding well- but he needs to put Ergon's on the new ride- the round grips on a rigid SS just don't cut it when you've bombing downhill. As always A1 was killing everyone when the trail went up- ahhh to be 19 again!

That's it from here. Jason left a note (last years 24HOGG SS Solo winner) that he's thinking about a fixed gear team this year- yikes! I'm doing some research to see if it's been done- hmmmmm.

It's June by the way.