Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hissing in the woods

A1 and I snuck out for an hour rip around Davis Hill, riding the same loop JJ and I rode on Tuesday night. This was ride number 2 on the Rig and A1 took out his wife's Profet to give it a run, of course her bike wasn't really set up for him so the suspension was not quite dialed in for his 200 lbs frame. I think he did it so that he wouldn't leave me in the dust as I struggled on the climbs with my one gear!

It was a good ride, I was starting to feel much better on the bike. I had dialed the chain tension in a touch more and added about 35psi into the shock which dramatically improved the front end feel. My legs were feeling a bit soft with a fair amount of hard riding in them over the past few days as well as a good run earlier in the day (K has talked me into running Vermont City Marathon in May so I figure it's time to start running).

During the ride we spooked a good sized moose, which of course spooked us as well. Then later in the ride as we headed up towards the beaver pond something hissed at us from the side of the trail. I'd be lying if I said it didn't freak me out just a touch. It's been a pretty good few days in terms of wildlife sightings. The tally: a lot of wild turkeys, two dear, flying squirl, porcipine, owl, moose, and a hissy creature.

Rumor has it we'll be night riding again tonight- we'll have to see what we have to report tomorrow!


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

a couple good rides

The Rig has arrived! Took it out for it's virgin trip last night. It looked like it was going to be a completely solo adventure as A1 had some work to do and I hadn't been able to connect with JJ, so I figured I'd cruise around on the road a bit and duck into Pine Tree for a few laps. The big wheels certainly carried their speed well and after messing around a bit with the seat hight and fore/aft position I found the sweet spot and got comfortable with how to make it go. It was then time to head into the woods to see what it could do.

It rolled over pretty much everything that I could find to run over, but I was running way to much air in tires and I found myself bouncing around and sliding off of roots with regularity. I dropped a few PSI out of the tires and that helped but I have to say that having been on tubeless for a few years now I'm sold on being able to run low PSI, I'll have to work on that with this bike.

I hadn't ridden up a real hill as of yet so I headed up Davis with the intent being to see if JJ had made it home and could be talked into heading out into the woods. The bike climbed well, the lock out on the Reba is nice. I don't have the pop lock on the bar but reaching down to the top of the fork crown wasn't an issue at all. I got up to JJ's and started shining my lights into his windows seeing if I could freak him out a bit, no luck. After blinding him when he opened the door he thought going for a ride was doable and he suited up. We headed to the top of Davis and dropped in by the stone wall. The Rig handled well on the descent and the big wheels rolled through the waterbars very easily. We got onto some rolling terrain and as long as I kept my momentum up the climbs weren't too bad, if I lost my line and started bouncing off of things it took some effort to get rolling again. All in all I was quite happy with how it was riding, although it's going to take me awhile to dial in my handling as the bike is a touch slower in that catagory.

It was a good ride and it'll be interesting to see how long the Blur stays on the hook and the Rig moves to the front of the line! Hopefully we'll get out for another night ride tonight and A1 looks to join us- NK, are you up for a rip through the woods?

I guess I should also mention a good ride on Monday, K and I had to head to my folks house to pick up the girls on Monday, but K had to leave early so she could hit yoga class. I descided to ride over after work, which seemed like a great idea at the time but as I rolled out of work I really didn't feel like spending two hours in the saddle. My crap attitude improved as I got out into Fryeburg Harbour as I started feeling a bit better (my lunch had consisted of left over cake, a milkyway, twizlers, and a cliff bar- food that we had kicking around a work) I was able to pick up the pace a bit and felt good on the climbs.

During the ride I saw 12 turkeys and two deer. In all it was a good ride and the american chop suey (sp?) at my folks house hit the spot as my first real food of the day.

So the total for the last three days is just shy of six hours of saddle time.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What's next on the schedule

A decent ride Sunday morning and was shown tons of new trails within 100 yards of my house. Imagine that. So what's next? For me the sad answer is Mudbowl. Yup Mudbowl. I've "retired" several times but this year it's official, it will be my last mudbowl. Watch ESPN, they should have the breaking news any minute now. Hey why not one more year. It's for chairty and it's all the beer you can drink, free for one weekend. All you can drink Devil's Juice, how much better can it get.


Monday, August 28, 2006

A good ride

A1, JJ, Jennifer and I headed out for a spin on Davis Hill yesterday morning and managed to beat the rain which was slated for the afternoon.

A1 and I met up with JJ and Jennifer up in the clearing off of Davis and headed out onto the network. A1 and I have come to conclussion that we need to start naming some of these trails as there are so many now that describing where we went is next to impossible!

It was a good ride, the trails were very dry and we managed to connect a few pieces together that we've ridden before more as out and backs. There is some really sweet single track out there!

After about an hour JJ and Jennifer needed to head back, A1 and I went in for another rip dropping in from the top of Davis near the stone wall. We ended up riding a section that I haven't been on in over a year and the four wheelers had found this trail- normally that bums me out but they have cleaned up in a way this one downhill and it is now a rip as you can really let it fly. Many of the corners have berms and the tread is fairly smooth.

At the end of the ride A1 and I logged about two hours, some of it at a really good pace. It'll be interesting to try and ride that on the new bike that should be arriving today or tomorrow- more on that when it's in hand.


Friday, August 25, 2006

what I meant was..

that the Mountain Bike race season was nearing an end. Geeze. Guess I need to be a little more specific next time. My apologies for anyone out there who may have thought the season was ending sooner than whenever it actually does.


Good Cookies

So it was a good race last night and a good showing for TWAF. Course was super fast, and wicked tight. JJ and I prerode the course and with the two of us it was tight, now add 50+ more riders. Being my first Summer Series race I didn't listen to JJ and DEA and was in the back 2/3 at the start. Start goes off and it immediately backs up as it enters the woods. I can see the front gaining tons of time. By the time I got by slower riders it was about 1 1/2 laps in, sitting behind in the singletrack as there was just no room to pass, and then on the short fire roads passing in the high grass. Although losing my big ring on lap two didn't help. Using tons of energy.

All in all happy with the placing, kudos to JJ and DEA for their race. As far as sprinting at the end, I think the keyword is MOTOVATION. I had plenty of legs left but I'm fairly layed back so I don't really care, although now that Nikki pointed it out I'll sprint next time. And Bryson ate the entire cookie.


Season to a close?

Not sure what JJ is talking about when he says that the last Importech race will bring the season to a close! We've got races right up through November, JJ are you forgetting about Porky Gulch?

Last night was fun, fast, and a bit scary at fast. A course that enabled you to stay in the big ring the entire time so there is the speed factor, and the course is super twisty so that was the scary part. Right out of the start I tried to stay with the super stars- managed to do that for about half a lap until I went to hard to the inside of a turn and hit a pine tree that would make for some nice wide plank flooring for my house, but now I digress, anyway the impact bounced me completely out of my pedals but I somehow managed to stay on my bike. As all this was happening local speed demon Brian Byrnes came flying up from behind me (he had missed the start) and quickly passed and disappeared up the trail. I got back into rhythm and had a good race from that point on, but my shoulder is killing me today.

A1 and JJ looked strong at the finish, but we need to teach A1 how to sprint. He got picked off at the end by local legend- Doug Luther who had a vicious finish. We'll just have to put a Nutter Butter on a stick and put it in front of A1, then nobody will catch him!

A new cyclocross series up at Great Glen starting in October on Sunday mornings- should be good.

Ride tomorrow- any takers?


Red Jersey/Importech Summer Series Race #3

Last night was the third race in the RJC/Importech Summer Race Series. I missed the two previous races with schedule conflicts so this was my first race in this series for the season. Better late that never. The Thorne Pond race is alwats a fast one. A pretty flat course with lots of tight turns. It turns out to be more of a track meet than anything else. There is not really any place to rest or catch your breath til its over. Regardless its a fun ride. TWAF had 3 riders last night, DEA, A1 am\nd myself, JJ. We all rode in the Sport class and did TWAF proud. DEA took first place in Sport Senior and A1 was a close second. I took first in Sport Veteran. Three racers and all three on the podium. Not too shabby. Next race in this series is Sept 23 at Bear Notch. A cool TT format and brings the racing season to a close.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

sticks and stones grows up a bit

so, the legendary sticks and stones trail has gotten an upgrade - to the tune of a new section of trail, making the once upon a time out-and-back trail into a full loop. this adds a lot of nice wrinkles to the puddin pond/peaked mtn./middle mtn./power lines area. it's going to allow for some neat routes and possibly even some time-trial style laps that could create some friendly competition among TWAF.

sunday morning after dragging my sorry carcass out of bed, i took a very liesurely trip up peaked/middle to the traverse, riding and re-riding sections that i didn't ride smoothly due to the weather being wet and the roots being coated with effing teflon, and after descending the power lines over to the puddin pond side of sticks and stones, i dropped into the new section to give it a whirl.

in a word: potential. currently, the trail is one big sponge, and needs to be ridden down and banked up a bit, but for the most part the new stunts have been added, and it certainly deserves to be a part of this area, but at the moment you're fighting soft ground. it's probably half the length of the existing sticks and stones (that's just my guess), but i'm very, very impressed with its layout and the whoop-de-doo sections that echo its big brother.

very tasty new section of singletrack! now let's go break it in some more...


Friday, August 18, 2006

Pretty Standard Really

Not much going on. JJ sent a list of upcoming events but haven't heard which one's TWAF will be appearing at. I'm considering the Churn and Burn in CT in mid-September but haven't made my mind up. I think the only confirmed appearance will be at Porky Gulch.

I swapped out my WTB saddle for the Fi'zi:k Nisene. Cool looking seat, a lot narrower. Rode it first time this morning and I gotta admit about 15 minutes in to it I was wanting the WTB back. I'll get used to it, it is way easier to move on it just less padded. Oh yeah and Nikki got a new Prophet if you haven't heard. Guess she had a good time at the 24 Hours of Great Glen and got the itch to race.

Sounds like there may be a Team Weak and Feeble organized ride forming. We'll see if we can pull it off this fall. The Team Weak and Feeble Death March. Stole the idea from Not that this will be any different from any of our "training rides" earlier this year.

Average and Easy A1.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What's next?

The 24 Hours of Great Glen went well, TWAF rode strong and ended up in 9th in the Sport division. I wonder how we'll do next year when we all race solo???? Hmmmmmm

We've got Porky Gulch off in the distance in November, and next week we have the Importech Summer Series at Attitash and then the finals at Bear Notch in mid September. Hopefully we can find a few other races to jump in during September and October. Time will tell.

Rumor has it the ladies of TWAF are looking at a 24HOGG team next year, that could be fun. My wife has raced it a number of times in the early years of the event, I think she'll like it a whole lot more when there are a lot more people out there in the woods with her at night!

Not much else to say at the moment. Legs still feel pretty heavy, I've been commuting to work and that's it at the moment. I hope to get out for a good road ride at some point this weekend.

Here's the crew at the end of the race (JJ is taking the photo)


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

it was from about the time

you were in sleeplyland, enjoying the cushy comforts of a 5-person team.


Is that from before or after....

the point where you were crying for your mommy?


don't feel bad, you're not alone

same spot, same result, A1. i feel your pain.

stinky north pot korea slim pie


Good showing for Twaf, results wwere updated and we moved to 9th. Not that it matters much but at least Sven didn't hammer that last lap for nothing. Thanks to Mike for the photo, it was my first lap and I carried a little too much speed into Mia's Drop. Good times, hay bails really do stop a rollinf, tumblimg bike and body.

Plus, there's some serious talk of the TWAF ladies putting a team together for next year. THey need a name, any thoughts?

I like the name, The Reason The Guys Are Weak and Feeble.

Black eyed A1

Monday, August 14, 2006

TWAF does the 24 of GG

Well another event is in the books. TWAF represented well and rode hard. I know cause I was witness to it. Conditions were just about ideal and the new course modifications were great. Its funny how a year of actual training can help for this event. There were some really hot teams with some really awesome riders. I'm still in awe of the younger kids (10 & 11 yr olds) doing it as a solo or pairs. Totally amazing!! TWAF posted a 10th place finish in Mens Sport with 25 laps. Another team bearing a similar name, which I rode on, placed 8th in the 5 Person Adult Co-Ed division with 20 laps. It will be interesting to see the individual lap times once they come out. We'll post more pics soon.


Friday, August 11, 2006

The eve of the 24 Hours of Great Glen

The Big Top has gone up and TWAF is setting up camp at Great Glen getting ready to turn some fast laps on the course. The weather is clear and cool with no precip in the forcast, but temps could be in the 30's over night tomorrow during the race. We'll post some pics after the event.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Don't worry about me

You guys should't alter your plans on my account. If you have the desire and the time to train for Jay Part Deux, then by all means go for it. Who knows I might be there to follow you around and support the squad at aid stations. Something tells me that PJ won't be re-upping for Jay either.


Moab it is then

It will be a vacation as well.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Jay again, I don't think so

Don't count on me for next year fellas. I doubt I can score the required hall passes to train for it as well as the weekend of the race. You never know, stranger things have happened.


i told you so

i effing told you guys you'd do it again.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Next year, who's with me?

So we'll all do Jay again next year, even JJ. We just will. So how about on Single speeds. I'm in who's with me.


Friday, August 04, 2006

24 Hours of Great Glen

Only a week away from our second big objective of the season, the 24 Hours of Great Glen. A1, NK, PJ, and I (DEA) will be riding as Team Weak and Feeble. JJ will be riding with some of his office mates on the aptly named Team Weaker and Feebler (real original!)

TWAF will be rockin the 4 man sport while the TWAF'ers will be racing the 5 person open class. It should be an awsome race.

JJ, NK, and I raced up at GGTOC last night for the summer series where our team locked up the team title (good job guys!). JJ and I are both in good fights for the overall in our respective divisions- it'll come down to the last race of the season for both of us so it'll be a dog fight out there! Nothing like having to go deep into the red two days before the 24hr race!

This year 24HOGG has a new section of single track that I think will add a lot to the course. It's only .7 miles long but it's good terrain and has about a 75 foot elevation gain and does it over not much terrain. It'll string the field out a bit more before they get out into the tech single track latter in the course- my advice to teams looking to put in good first laps- RUN HARD and put in a huge effort in the first 10 minutes- you would want to be in the lead group heading into this new section if you was to see the front runners for the rest of the lap. I'd guess that by the third lap (third hour) the field should be pretty strung out.

While we are on the topic of Great Glen, I'm trying to convince Howie that they could run a weekly CX race under the lights up there, I think I've come up with a course that would be about 2.5 (maybe less) kilometers that would be a good mix and would all be under the lights- so they could run a 30 minute B race at 5:45pm and a 45 minute A race at 6:30pm- could be kinda fun! If you're looking for a cool race in November don't forget to check out the Porky Gulch Classic- the coolest stage race around. It's two days- day one is the Toughest Two- a two mile hillclimb TT up the first two miles of the Mount Washington Auto Road (you get to ride down after!), then that afternoon is the a road crit inside of Story Land- it's the coolest crit you'll ever ride!. Then on Sunday is the Rockpile Rampage Cross race up at Great Glen. November 4th and 5th (Ward- you better come back to defend!)
  • Porky Gulch Registration

  • Lots of good racing to be had. The Verge CX series dates has been released
  • Verge Schedule

  • And my old friends at Catamount in Vermont have a new race weekend- check this out:
  • Verge Schedule

  • Of course that is the same weekend as the last race in the Importech/Red Jersey Summer Series which will be at Bear Notch in Bartlett. I guess we'll have to see where I stand after the third race that is at Attitash in a couple weeks, if I'm in a position to win my division I might have to skip the cross race and race the mountain bike- only time will tell!

    I guess the good news is I'm even more excited to race my bike now then I was before Jay- that's a pretty cool feeling.

    I hope to see you out riding.