Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Planning The TWAF Holiday Gravel Grinder

JJ and I got out for a good recon ride on Sunday morning. We ended up riding much of the same stuff we did last year, other than a trip up to the summit of Hawk Mountain, and just when we got to the new section we began to run out of time. My goal is to get him back over this way soon to go check out a new piece for this years route. Part of the planning has been taking advantage of the updated images on GoogleMaps. This area was updated recently and that has made for a great way to scout gravel.

I am still looking for my first cross race of the year but have not pulled the trigger on a registration as of yet. I am hoping to race the CascoBay Cross Race set for a couple of weeks out, but am on duty that weekend, so hoping i can find a creative way to make it all work. Beyond that I will most likely just race the GGTOC series and Porky Gulch.

Looking at next year K and I have talked about my racing a stage race, either Trans-syvlania or Breck Epic. If we go to either one I'm guessing it'll be in PA, but one can always hope!

Monday, September 20, 2010

It's September?

Where did the summer go? Today is the last day of summer and I'm not quite sure how that happened. But it did, and now I am looking at fall and trying to figure out what cross races I can make happen.

I think this year will be a bit low key in terms of cross racing, as I can't "start" training on September 20th and expect much good to happen. That being said I can certainly go and have some fun racing around on the grass!

The cycling season sort of ended for me after the 24HOGG. Not that I wanted it to, but life got crazy busy. Now I find myself trying to get back into the flow and to throw my leg over the bike a bit more. With that in mind I am looking for an adventure of some sort. What that is I don't yet know, but it'll include loading up the pack and heading out for a day of riding where I'm really not sure where the heck I am going- anyone game?