Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ski Racing

Seems my ability to get on my bike has been derailed by ski season. Particularly my oldest kid's ski season. Here's a pic from last weekend's GS race at King Pine. He placed 13th out of 40 racers.

These two were taken today at Wildcat Mountian. This was a GS that was in pretty tough racing conditions. We had 6 inches of new snow fall before the race and another 3-5 fall during the race and that snow was on top of some pretty icey base. Made for a lot of crashes and some pretty cautious skiing by a lot of kids. D3 finihed 19th out of 46.

I have been shooting photos and getting a fair amount of snowboarding in so its all good. Still need to meet up with DEA and A! for some turns though.


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lillybean said...

great job dennis 3!!! i wish i could have been there!! make shore to email me once in a while!