Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Time to get crackin'!

Well it's rain/snow/yuck outside right now. This weather doesn't get me excited for much other than going back to bed.

Road a bit this past weekend, here is Friday, and here is Saturday. Friday was a good day, as I also skinned up and got in a run at Shawnee Peak first thing in the morning (tougher now that the clocks went ahead).

So I haven't totally been sitting on my butt, well I have the past couple days, but that will need to change and quick.

So far here are the confirmed races for 2009
Crank the Kanc
Mount Washington Hillclimb- foot race (WTF?)
Four on the Fourth foot race (WTF again)
Newton Revenge- a bike race up Mount Washington
24 Hours of Great Glen
Porky Gulch Classic (which includes the Toughest Two TT up the first two mile of the Mount Washington Auto Road)

I hope to add to this a 12 hour race and a number of XC races as well as cross season. We'll see how that all adds up!

Anyway that's it for now- time to go to work.


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bluecolnago said...

it's warming up in iowa, hope it does the same for you guys soon!