Thursday, June 18, 2009

Race Day

The Red Jersey Summer Race series kicks off today, and it'll be my first day of racing this season. I come into this race not in the shape I would like to be, but that's ok. I like to think of racing slowly as the best way to ensure you get maximum financial value out of an event. I like to take my time and admire all the hard work the course crew put in and really enjoy all it has to offer. You just don't get that same level of enjoyment when you are racing at full bore speed!

Ok, truth be told- I'd rather be able to blast around the course but between not riding enough and eating and drinking tooooooo much I'm not going to be that fast. It'll still be fun.

JJ and I are in the planning stages of a fathers day ride, in the rain. As much as rides in the rain usually don't seem like they are going to be fun when you first head out, they usually end up being very enjoyable. Of course they usually also mean much more cleaning and repair work on the gear, but that is alright.

Speaking of gear I'm soon going to be in need of a new SS rear wheel. I could just rebuild using the current hub after a major hub overhaul, but part of me just wants a new wheel all together. I will admit this is a want not a need, but it is something that has my mind working. I checked with Big Al at Team World HQ and he's giving it some thought, as my original idea of a pre-built WTB wheel was shot down when he gave me his opinion of that hub. I keep looking at the King or I9 SS hub, and I'm crushing on those pretty hard- but that are in a price range that really makes me stop and think. Not that much happens when I stop and think, but it does at least get me to stop. Time will tell what the final call is.

Thinking about doing the 12 hour race at Great Glen instead of the 24 hour race. Not sure why, but I figure since there is an option I should at least think about it. Part of me really wants to put in a good effort in the 24 as I still haven't ridden one to the level I would like, but part of me also knows a 12 hour is 12 hours shorter than a 24 (see how smart I am!)

That's it for now- more drivel when I get a chance.


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mike said...

Get a King and don't screw around. I have had mine for about 5 years. I've had to do nothing to it, no maintenance and never had a problem with it. You might pay a premium price at the beginning, but that is it. When I built up my new race wheels this year, I thought about all kinds of things and I went back to my Kings. I doubt I will own different hubs anywhere in the future.