Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A shake up of the fleet

It's that time of year when I start dreaming of what I will be riding next year. Unlike past years I don't have any designs on a new race bike. The Mamasita will continue to take up the role of SS race bike, the Chilli Con will serve in the cross department and the Primero will help me out with the handful of road events that I sign up for. However with my advancing age the time has come to bring gears back into the fold, at least part time, in the mountain bike side of the equation. Since I'm bringing back gears I should also consider suspension- so throw some squish under my hands and butt and we're in business.

The game plan is to own one of these:

This of course is the Salsa Big Mama. I'm still torn between the XT version vs the SRAM version. The hangup that I have is with the fork. I'm a big fan of Fox forks, and the SRAM version comes with a Rock Shock fork (or course). The reality is I wouldn't ever notice the difference- but I just had such good luck with the Fox on my SC Blur and the Kona that I had in the previous decade.

I of course still lust for a Big Dummy. But not sure if that is in the cards this year.

That being said I may be in the bike sales world for a bit. I'm looking at maybe (see how committed I am) to selling my Salsa El Mariachi SS. I will also be looking to sell a Trek WSD 1.2 woman's road bike (42cm). I built up K a cross bike spec'd with an older DA kit and with the number of wheels we have lying around and the fact that she puts in maybe 10 days a year on a bike I'm not sure if she needs two road style bikes. I'll get some photos and pricing thoughts pulled together soon, once I talk myself into actually saying goodbye to a bike. Usually JJ ends up with my retired bikes, but I don't see that being the case with this!

That's about it. Work is busy. Skiing is good.

Until next time, Ride on.


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