Monday, June 14, 2010

Feeling off the Back

It's mid June and I have yet to pin on a number and "turn my pedals in anger"- as Paul Sherwin would say. It feels a bit odd not having raced, and with that said I need to find a race fast for a whole host of reasons. With that in mind here are my top ten reason's I need to race soon:
10) Racing makes me feel better about the number of bikes I have hanging in the garage.
9) The time just before the start is where you pick up the best excuses for why you haven't been riding or can't ride fast.
8) You see people who two years ago should never wear lycra and now they look super fit- and you think to yourself, "that could be me".
7) It gives me something to stress about for a full 48 hours before the start.
6) It gives me something to second guess for a full 48 hours after the race ends.
5) It gives me blog and race recap fodder for this blog as well as for Big All at Team World HQ.
4) It gives me reason for needing some new widget or cool piece of gear that I've never seen before.
3) At work I get to say, "yeah gotta leave early, heading to a RACE" and then the next day say, "yeah that blood is from the RACE last night."
2) Let's my wife continue to say, "I'm married to a bike racer." (not sure she's ever said that- but a guy can dream)
1) It makes me go, "HOLY CRAP ONLY TWO MONTHS TILL 24HOGG! I've gotta get my ass training!"

So there it is. If all goes well I'll head over to Thorn Pond at Attitash on Thursday for round one of the Red Jersey Summer Series. Here goes nothing!

Ride on.


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