Thursday, August 12, 2010

52 Hours To Go

I'm sitting here realizing I've got 36 hours of work to get done in only 16 hours of "office time" and only 52 hours to go until I mount up on the bike and try to ride to a simple majority in a 24 hour race (for those trying to keep up that would be doing 12+ hours of actual racing).

I've been watching 24 Solo (thanks Mike) for the last few nights. Those guys are amazing. I "race solo" but I don't race for the full 24-25 hours. I go out and ride a crap load in a 24 hour period, but I also sleep a bit and take some time off the bike. It's like doing to really epic (sorry couldn't resist "epic") days back to back with just a few hours sleep in between, and starting the second day really early.

I've done zero long rides this year. The most saddle time has been two three hour rides with Ames over at Kingdom. However I've been much more consistent in the past month with my riding- so that is good.

I'm already thinking about the 2011 24HOGG, and don't tell JJ this (since he never reads this blog I think I'm safe)but I'm gonna try to talk him into doing a two person team next year. Next year will be my 15th go at the race and that is the only team configuration I haven't done. Well that and both he and I only race 12-14 hours in the solo category anyway- so maybe it's time we team up on that! Add to that the last time we did a team he wasn't on it- he bailed on the TWAF team and NK had to step in.

So there it is- the next 72 hours are pretty much set in terms of what is going to happen. Now we just need to get there.


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Dennis said...

can't beleive I am already being guilted into riding next year's race when this year's race hasn't even happened yet