Thursday, December 16, 2010

TWAFHGGPF2010 Update

The TWAFHGGPF2010 is set for Sunday morning at 9:30 am (December 19).

Weather is looking good- low 30's maybe some snow.
For those who haven't ridden in colder temps here are some thoughts:
balaclava under the helmet is a good idea, or at least have one that maybe you stash in a pocket, but a hat is a must under your helmet.

warm gloves that provide dexterity- a good idea, lobster claw style mittens are the warmest, but at least something more than just a liner glove but not quite a full on alpine ski glove

FEET- don't try to pack too much sock into your shoes if it makes them tight as that will make your feet colder. A shoe cover is ideal- and the redneck solution is an old pair of wool socks that you don't mind sacrificing and wear them over your shoes. Maybe even a bread bag over socks sometimes works.

for legs, bike shorts as a base and then tights over them, what ever you'd wear XC skiing

Upper body- baselayer, an insulating layer, a vest and then a shell.

If you have a camelback style pack you can always pack an extra layer.

Now for bikes:

I currently have a bike for Alan to use and one for Fletcher to use.

If you need a bike let me know asap so I can try to work that out (Webb?)

This is a gravel grind, so you don't need some trick mountain bike. I'll likely ride a cross bike (looks like a road bike with bigger tires)- so if you've got an old Ross Mt. Shasta and the tires hold air and the chair still moves that could work. A true road bike won't work, but hybrids, fully rigid mountain bikes, etc will work fine. There will be points where you can take a shorter route home, so everyone should feel welcome regardless of fitness

Post ride- we'll be cooking up some wings, soups, I know Jon Conti is bringing Chilli. There will be some beverages provided but feel free to add to the selection!

My goal is for us to actually start riding by 10am, so showing up by 9:30 is a pretty good goal for everyone. Nick- if you come show up at 9am so we can get all your mechanical issues resolved before we try to ride ;)

Back to the post ride- I'm guessing we'll be out for about 2 hours. The over under on that, no idea. That doesn't mean we'll be riding the whole time as there is a lot of hanging out on route to let everyone gather. So for those who are either coming only for the post ride, or have kids or sig others who are coming for the post- I think a noonish goal works.

Parking- there is plenty of room on the grass to the right of the garage so park away!

Also feel free to invite others, the more the merrier.


Hope to see you there.


DEA (sven)

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