Monday, March 07, 2011

Bikes and snow

I rode my bike to work a couple weeks ago on a day that it seemed like a good idea. I froze my ass off and by the time I was ready to head home it was dark and I didn't bring my lights. So here my bike sites, propped up against my desk covered in all my snivel/cold weather gear waiting for the call to head home. It's now March and there is no way we will be riding in the woods any time soon, even after a weekend of heavy rain. We still have feet and feet of white stuff hiding out in the woods that will take weeks to melt away and then more time to allow things to dry out properly.

Hopefully temps start to rise enough for the road bike to get some use as I have a race only 5 weeks out and I don't think my 30 min. spin sessions are going to do the trick.

One good thing is I placed my order for a new frame. Salsa Spearfish

Problem is availability is tight and it might be mid-summer before it arrives. Anticipation....


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Mike said...

Ya know, I am thinking about taking a trip down to Cape Cod to ride as the dirt is dry and completely ridable down there. Might be worth a little weekend "team camp" experience. The more the merrier for something like that.

And yes, I would think more than 30 minutes would help out with the Inferno experience. Might want to get out on some hills...