Monday, May 23, 2011

Crank the Kanc

Team Weak and Feeble has been rather Weak and Feeble in the blogging department, our apologies to the three people who read this.

It's been awhile since the TWAF crew got together for a riding event. The TWAFHFFPF was missing TWAF regular JJ (and missing sometimes TWAF rider NK). Before that we were missing riders at Porky Gulch meaning the last time we had a TWAF quorum was at last years 24HOGG.

Maybe the fact that the three of us- JJ, A1 and myself all toed the line for CTK means good things for 2011? Hmmmm, maybe. That being said A1 and myself both proved a bit slow in the race, but considering the riding we've been doing I think that is ok.

Personally this was an interesting ride. I went into it with close to a two week "rest" period. I'm trying to sound pro- as it wasn't really rest as much as it was not doing anything involving a bike. There are many reasons for that- some good, some not so good- but the reality was I knew I was relying on residual fitness from ski season and hoping my experience with riding and racing for the last 20+ years would keep me from completely blowing up.

I started with the idea that it was a ride, not a race. That sounds good in theory, but it is a race. I had a number pinned on and there was a clock on either end of the course. Plus there were other riders out there- some fast some slow, some just like me. All this meant that the "ride" soon became a race. Once the race was "on" I just put my head down and tried to go as hard as I could without blowing up- which went well. I averaged 182bpm and topped out at 201bpm in the finishing kick, meaning for me I don't think I had much more to give out there- for that I am very happy. What I'm not so happy about is that that effort didn't yield a much faster time- but that has to do with my weight and lack of training this year. My hope- that next year I can replicate that effort but be racing at 190lbs instead of 209- that would knock a huge chunk of time off- I'd put that at a 1:20 time instead of a 1:34.

JJ rode a great race and set a personal best for himself on the course. As my wife said before the race "he's been working out a lot," which was in response to my hope to be within 10 minutes of his time. I think she was assuming I'd get whooped by a whole lot more (thanks honey ;) )

The bike ran well, but I really am starting to notice how outdated my gear has become. My steel frame and aluminum wheels- oh my! I saw more carbon out there than you'd see on a F1 paddock. That's ok- I like my ride, comfy and predictable.

Here's to a good year. Here's to some epic adventures out on the roads and trails. Here's to a 2011 cycling season where we have great tales to tell and the top level of the sport gets the veil of secrecy ripped off and they start on the path to reform.

Ride on.


Thank you to Mrs. JJ for the photos!

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Mike said...

Nice riding out there gentlemen..I wish I could have done it myself..

And if you want to sound Pro, go with you were tapering, not resting.. :)