Thursday, December 06, 2007

Chilly Ride

With the snow still on the trees and the sun shining I decided to head out for a ride even though it's frigid out. It was a balmy 15 degrees when I left. Headed up over Davis to Gulf and Leavitt. Pretty much the same route I ride most every time. The only difference is with the snow Potter isn't rideable back so I spun around and rode back the way I came. Then rode back over Davis and home. I was dressed for the cold except I didn't start the ride wearing any face protection, after about 100 yards I stopped and put one on. Up on Gulf I talked with a woman who was walking her dog, she excited to see someone else out. The climb up Gulf sucked like always especially sucking in cold air. The view at the top of Leavitt was worth the suffering up though.

Too bad Mt. Washington was in the clouds, still a great view anyway.



Sven said...

Making me feel guilty for not getting out! Night ride JJ? We need to play catch up.


weak and feeble said...

I'd be up for a night ride too. Just not tonight, I start flooding the skating rink tonight. Come on over and help we'll drink beers and play with water in O degree weather.


Sven said...

Cripes- I'm in- got teh GG christmas party tonight- but could be good for Sat night (after the sprints up at GGTOC)