Monday, January 07, 2008

Bike? What Bike?

My bike work area is MIA, completely hidden by waxing benches, irons, brushes and lots of skis- and that's ok with me! Ski season is in full swing and what a season we've been having. Pretty much 'cross season wrapped up and skiing got underway with little hesitation in between.

This past weekend the skiing was excellent- once again. Skied with Emma at Cranmore on Saturday, while K and Lillo ripped around with K's sister and her family. Emma is close to being fully solo up on the mountain- but not just yet. She still has a "bowling for skiers" attitude at times. Then on Sunday we headed up to GGTOC for some nordic, Lillo is doing the BKL program and Emma, K and I skied out to Great Angel again. Emma had a couple ripping downhills where she stayed in the track and just railed around the corners at a good clip. I was nervous a couple times as I wasn't sure she'd make the corner and if she didn't how far off into the woods she'd end up. But it all went well and whe was pretty proud of herself.

I also got out and snowshoe packed our ski trails that are between A1's house and ours. The dogs came out with me and seemed to have a good time- the only down side was that the snow is so deep that hte dogs are doing their business in the track- oh well (klister and dog poo- great combination)

So that's it at the moment. I'll be riding for again this year as will JJ- looking forward to that. Didn't get into the SSWC out in Napa, oh well. We'll still have the North American Championships here in the Valley next fall.

That's it from here.



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bluecolnago said...

yes, but what about the pro tour team? i soooooo want to drive the team car and hand up water bottles and goo.....

sounds like everyone is having a blast on the skis!

don't forget to vote tomorrow ;)