Thursday, January 17, 2008

Epic Ride Planned

What are you doing on Saturday, June 21st? TWAF is planning on an estimated 12 hours of quality saddle time. Start in Center Conway, head out to Bartlett and go up and over Bear Notch, then up and over the Kanc, down into Lincoln and then up Rt 3 through Fanconia Notch, bang a right onto 302, ride by the beautiful Mount Washington Resort and then through Crawford Notch, roll into Glen and bang a left up Pinkham Notch, go by our friends at GGTOC, into Gorham, take a right onto Route 2 and then a left onto North Road into Maine then up and over Evans Notch and then home. Estimate 180 miles and a crap load for climbing (I'm guessing 15,000 to 20,000 feeet)

This ride needs a name- thoughts?

We've been looking for motivation to train- I think we've found it!




weak and feeble said...

12 hours in the saddle climbing all those notches, I think we call it, "My notch hurts ride and beerfest." Cause when we complete it I'll desire a frothy goodness.


Outdoor Addict said...

How interesting. That is the same day I was thinking of doing a North Conway to Bar Harbor via Portland and Route 1, 216 mile ride. Great, now I have to give some consideration to which ride I would like to do. hrmm....

Sven said...

Damn- both good choices! I just spoke with Ward- he's done the route as described and he's thinking of joining us so that I'll have someone to push my fat ass up the climbs!


Outdoor Addict said...

I never would have thought I need to decide upon which 200 mile ride I want to do. I guess we just have to make a stage ride out of it and do them back to back.

If that isn't motivation, I don't know what is.