Saturday, February 07, 2009

My first Feb ride

January started with a fair amount of riding, but then it tailed off as we got slammed with snow (stories about that over here) but today I got back out on the bike after a great day of skiing with K and the girls over at Shawnee Peak. The skiing has been great, and should be for some time- but the reality is that I need to start putting in at least a few hours a week on the bike (I can say a few as long as I hit at least three- right? Blue we'll need a judgment on that!)

Today I snuck out as soon as we got home from skiing, knowing that if I didn't go I'd end up on the couch and just drink beer. Not that that is a bad thing, but I've got the 24HOGG on the mind these days as I've raced there for 12 years and the last two as a solo and have yet to have a solo race that I felt like things went well. I realize part of it is learning how to deal with it- but I'm hoping I've learned some lessons and this year I can hit the race with the intention of riding well.

So here is a link to today's ride. Slow and short, but the goal was to get my ass on the bike. I may take a some time this week to put the Surly back over to a Fixie as the Salsa ChilliCon should be on the way soon I hope. Of course I may find myself having a hard time taking that out in the winter grit for it's maiden voyage!

Ride safe and enjoy the skiing.



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