Monday, February 09, 2009

Snuck out again

Two rides in two days- but the streak may end there.

Here is the map from yesterday:

It was nice to get out in mild temps, but the wind was a bit excessive, gusting to 28mph (I'm sure Blue would laugh at me calling that wind).

My knees are telling me that a 42x27 isn't cutting it this time of year- so I think I may been to go back down to the 39 or maybe even put the 36x50 back on the front end and make the bike a full on shifty bike. I keep looking at my fixie wheel- and I will soon put that back on- but I want a few more miles in my legs before I start doing that. I can't wait to feel how out of round my pedal stroke is!

I'll keep you posted.

later- DEA

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jason said...

The fixed wheel is the one used for building up. just lower the gear. My fav for winter training 39-18. Super low, you will get dropped on group rides later in the winter, but your legs will be fresh and strong.