Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No longer about my A$$

I’m tired of always thinking about my ass. Not that I’m thinking about it like some wanna be supermodel who is always worried that an extra carbohydrate will make her ass look big, or like a first time Sumo wrestler (I mean they must realize how ridiculous that towel turned g-string must look), I mean thinking about how much my ass hurts since I broke it by testing Newton’s theory on gravity with an ass first slam into granite.
Enough about my butt. I’m now in recovery and have been able to put in about four hours of saddle time in the last four days and think I can start to build upon that and slowly regain a bit of fitness. The part that is stressing me the most is how much all my lycra jerseys obviously shrunk this winter, as they are all wayyyyy too tight around the gut. It can’t have anything to do with the 12 pounds I had added to my already not so svelte frame. I had hoped to be getting close to fighting weight by the time Kranc the Kank

came around (in about two weeks), but I’ll settle for no longer qualifying for the Clydesdales division at this point.
I’m waiting for a parts order to come in from Bikeman Team HQ. I’ve been dealing with a set of too narrow bars on my road bike for a few years now and since I’ve spent so much more time on my cross bike with the appropriately wide bars I prefer, going back the road bike and being all narrow and aero just isn’t cutting it. The narrow bike people and keep their narrow, I want to be able to breath and ride like I’m riding a bull not a razor blade. So a pair of 44cm Salsa bars
are on their way, ahhhh to soon be breathing properly. While I’m at it I’m going back to my 120mm stem from the 110mm I’ve got on there. I realized that one thing I have worked on is my flexibility and now I’m feeling a bit bunched up. Add to that the bars have a longer reach and it’ll be like going to a 130mm stem when I’m on the hoods- ahhh my back will be so happy.
I’m also going back to a Look pedal from the be-bop’s I’ve been riding. I’ve bounced back and forth over the years, but since I’ve started using a much further back cleat position I’ve fallen out of love with the Be-Bop’s. I’m going to give the Look Keo’s a try and see how they fair.
That is the extent of the excitement from my world, spending money on bike stuff I really don’t need, but really want. I figure I’m doing my part to help the economy. Getting out and riding a bit, hoping to put in a longer ride one of the weekend days, and also hoping to get over to do a dirt ride with JJ in the near future.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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