Friday, October 16, 2009

Back to the races.

I get back to racing tomorrow. It'll be good to go out and ride hard, although I know it's going to hurt- a lot. It's that reality check that I sometimes think I crave. To know that you're not quite as fit as you might think you are, and to give you a reason to go out and ride more. That, and of course the sheer grin factor of racing your bike as fast as you can. I can't fly- so racing my bike is as close as I'll ever get (I won't be a birdman- although it does look cool).

I'm wondering if my wife will get a bit of an itch to race tomorrow. If she doesn't I'm sure my oldest will. With that in mind I ordered up a cross bike that the two of them can fight over. had a screaming deal on a KHS frame and a full carbon Origin 8 fork, so I took the plunge and will build it up with a Dura-Ace kit I've gut literally lying around. It'll be a pretty nice set up, and if nothing else will give K an awesome gravel grinding rig.

Got in my first cold night ride of the year last night. Full snivel gear, and I was glad I had it all. I wore my winter Pearl Shoes, but no booties. My feet were ok but by the end (out for just over an hour) I was starting to loose feeling in my feet- but had I had on my booties they would have been fine. I still feel like a cold night ride should give you double fitness as it is "tough"- but alas you get the same workout as a daytime ride. Oh well.

So that's it at the moment- looking forward to giving a race report after this weekend. As well looking forward to building up K's new bike.

Ride on.


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