Monday, October 12, 2009

A Gravel Grind Type of Weekend

I got out for a couple of good rides this weekend,which was nice considering my ass was starting to forget what a bike seat felt like. On Saturday I grabbed the Chilli Con and headed out for a ride with no real idea about where I was going to go. I chose to hit up every gravel road I could find, and then veer off onto jeep roads if they looked passable. I "found" some great terrain that I hadn't ridden in probably 15 years or so and connected several dots in my memory, as I explored trails that I have been wondering about for the past couple years. Many of these were trails I'd roll by and tell myself that I thought I knew where it went, but wasn't quite sure- well now I'm sure. I ended up getting in about 20 miles on Saturday and was quite pleased with the adventure. The only guilt was that I didn't shoot the soccer game at work, oh well. (The team ended up winning handily, pretty much just playing keep away in the second half, this years soccer team is pretty much dominating the prep school schedule- ok enough about work).

Sunday I talked K into going out with me for a gravel grind on the mountain bikes. Per my usual MO I ended up tearing apart her bike and "fixing" things that didn't need to be fixed. It almost cost me my riding partner as by the time I went back in to see if she was ready she was almost asleep. She rallied and we headed out for about an hour of easy spinning through a fantastic fall day here in Maine. The leaves have really popped, in some cases have gone by- but it was a great day to be out on the trails.

K looked at it as a recon mission as she is looking for longer running routes that aren't just on pavement- we found her a great 8 mile loop (I won't be going with her, unless I ride while she runs- which is possible).

After that I headed out for about 30 minutes of work on the cross bike- plenty of barrier sessions and off camber corners. It felt good- but I also felt slow- oh well.

First cross race of the year next weekend- still trying to decide which one- but it looks like this one. A good chance to fly the colors.

Ride on.


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