Monday, December 07, 2009


A great day spent out on the gravel of Western Maine. JJ took some photos that either he or I will get posted soon.

The final roll call:

Chris Ames
Mike the Weeble (it just may stick)
Brian Roache aka Ginger Dirty Hippie Boy (not sure that this one will stick)

Mike the Weeble took out the top points for signs and KOM's, however that being said he was on a cross bike racing against SS guys, so on town lines he should have cleaned everyone's clocks- however A1 took a VERY impressive town line win at the end of the ride. Anyone who witnesses the sheer speed at which his legs were turning over in those lime green wind pants must have not known what to think. All I could think was a French Canadian that was OD'ing on amphetamines.

I think we all got at least one sign so nobody got skunked. NK had an "issue" which made it a typical TWAF type of ride. He had to bow out early, something about a Pats game (which we made it back for kick off), I think NK just needs to put in some time on the bike, which he will next summer- as he lives 300 yards away, he'll have no choice.

All in all a great time. Look for video from Mike the Weeble. Of if you are me, hope that you don't!

That's it from here.



Mike said...

No video from the ride, so you are saved. For some reason, it will just not record. Seems like I will be on the phone with tech support this afternoon trying to figure it out. I tried all kinds of things to get it to try and record last night, but no luck.

Seems like you lucked out with no video evidence....

A1 said...

We don't need evidence. Just the sure determination of DEA trying to pee with bibs on and wearing mittens works. Oh yeah it would have been funny to see the snow balls pelting him while he attempting said peeing.