Thursday, December 03, 2009

It's the Final Countdown.....

The TWAFHGGPT is set for this Sunday. The weather looks to be cooperating and the grinding will take place.

Questions that have been coming my way:

Road/Cross/Mountain bike? Mountain or cross will work Road- only if you are Michelin Mike, and even that might be dangerous.

Is this a race? No, it's a ride. Nobody will be left to die. It's a fun laid back ride. The weather is looking good so hopefully the pace won't be dictated by a need to stay warm.

Will I get wet? Maybe, but if you are careful and it isn't raining or snowing you should be able to stay dry.

Should I bring a tube? Yes, preferably one that fits you wheel.

What should I bring for afterwards? Whatever you'd like. We'll the the grill ready to roll and there will be SOME beverages of various types- so bring what you'd like.

Is there a sagwagon? Sort of. JJ will ride at the back and push anyone along who doesn't feel like riding.

How long? About 20 miles, about two hours. Or it could be something entirely different.

What should I wear? Clothing. If temps are in the 40's- you'll want warmer gloves and shoe covers of some sort- an old pair of wool socks works well- but they will be sacrificed for the cause. A light wind jacket. A beanie under your helmet. A vest in your pack just in case. Tights.

Do I get a nick name? Oh you very well may.

That's it for now.



A1 said...

Nicknames are mandatory, if you don't have one, one will be provided.


Dennis said...

So I guess I have been designated as "Sweeper", hopefully its due to my deep caring for the other riders and not because DEA expects me to be off the back anyhow.

A1 said...

I think DEA has now nicknamed you the "sag wagon". Sounds pleasant.

Dennis said...

I think "Sweeper" sounds cooler, but sag wagon is probably more appropriate considering my fitness level

Sven said...

JJ, I was actually referring to your ultimate fitness and your ability to put a hand on the back of those who need a push and to do so in such an effortless way.

Mike said...

Can I get a new one? One with out Michelin in? :) I guess I will have to do something dumb to get a cool on. :)

A1 said...

Mike you can get a really cool one if you show up in your road bike again, especially if it's icy and rainy.


Dennis said...

Ya, like Mike the Weeble, careful what you wish for....

A1 said...

So we have "Sag Wagon" and Mike the Weeble. Wow we're a fast sounding bunch. Plus I think DEA dated a few girls in college with the same names?