Thursday, February 28, 2008

Box season and shoveling my roof

Not much of connection between DEA's proclamation of the beginning of "Box Season" and me spending a bunch of hours shoveling my roof, other than I placed my order to Team's World Headquarters yesterday to get all the necessary parts to complete the Dos Niner frame that's on order. I was told the frame has been shipped from Salsa land, cause that's where they come from. It should be at the shop shortly. Ordered the Mavic 29er wheelset, actually 2 sets, one for me and one for DEA. Hopefully it will all be in in a couple weeks and I can make the trek to Bath, ME to

So after feeling good about getting that done yesterday, I left work early to go home and shovel some of the snow that has accumulated on our front roof this winter. I have been told we've gotten 14+ feet of snow this winter and I was starting to get concerned about our roof as a lot of places here have been having major problems with collapsing, etc. I got 90% of the front shoveled off and it made such a huge pile of snow on the ground we have a 5 foot high wall of snow blocking our front door. Now I have to shovel that mess. I have free beer for anyone who wants to come over and help shovel!!


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bluecolnago said...


i'd come help with the shoveling but i'm afraid it would all be gone by the time i got there. the beer, i mean.

you guys have gotten a lot of snow! makes the 6 feet or so that we've gotten seem insignificant.