Monday, February 11, 2008


I don't know what to say- it's been awhile since any TWAF member has posted- sorry about that!

What's new- hmmm, lots of snow. As I write this there is a large bucket loader trying to remove parts of the huge piles around our office- not sure where they are taking the snow- but that's what they are doing. More on the way later this week- it's the first time I can ever remember actually being sick of moving snow. I'll post some pics later of our front yard- but the banks are over my head. Actually yesterday my wife and I skied off of one pile yesterday- one of them is large enough to do a front flip off of it with skis on- yes I'll post the video.

So the skiing is epic- and will be for some time.

Rode rollers last night- ok so I'm out of shape- hopefully that will change quickly.

Thats it for now.



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bluecolnago said...

i'm sick of moving snow too. and below zero temps. i want spring!