Monday, February 18, 2008

The state of cycling

I'm going off on a tangent without knowing all the details- which is dangerous to do- but also keeps life entertaining.

So here goes: I've been a Tyler Hamilton fan for a whole pile of years that requires me to take off my shoes to count them all up with my digits (and while I did take the tip of my middle finger off with a table saw in 8th grade I do have all my fingers)and while Tyler has long been one of the guys I get excited about watching race I'm not here to say he didn't dope in '04- cuz frankly I don't know. At one point I cared if he doped or not, but I don't really care anymore- but what I do care about is the fact that this dude served his time and has basically been getting f&*cked ever since by the cycling "powers that be". Now here is the thing I just can't get my head around- Operation Porteo or what ever the hell it's called- has been opened and closed more time then the beer cooler door at the local mini mart- at what point does this end?

The guy got busted and did his time, how do they then say they're going to go after him for other offenses that happened before that? If that is the case then anyone who has ever doped twice (two different injections) should be tossed out of the sport with a lifetime ban. Isn't that the logic here? I guess if this is a full on criminal situation that makes sense- I mean we do check prints of crooks against past crimes so I guess this works for cycling. I just don't know.

What sucks is here are a group of riders that have done their time and should be allowed to get back to making a living and they are being blocked. If that is how WADA/UCI/USA Cycling and all the others want to play make it a one offense and you're out for good rule.

It just drives me nuts, and on top of that nobody seems to have the story. This thing has been going on for years and we still know nothing.

While I'm on this- no Astana at the tour- WTF? I think Lotto should be banned as well- since Cadel was in proximity to both Contador adn the Chicken and I'm sure that means he doped and if not then he got doper sweat on him so he's contaminated as well. This sport (from a racing fan point of view) is really starting to smell like burnt rubber.

Ok rant off. Did some some trick pics of the new electric DA10- damn that looks good. A long way from Mavic Zap!

JJ's bike looks sweet- I went with the more subdued black Mamasita- can't wait to build them up.



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bluecolnago said...

good rant! i agree with you all the way. it's getting old. like i said before, the governing bodies no longer have any credibility....