Monday, October 27, 2008

Bike Fall Down Go Boom

Short post (for now) I'll expand upon it with photos later. But yesterday we loaded up the truck to head up to Great Glen Trails to race their cross series. All was good. Nice morning (well it was raining, but it was supposed to turn nice and it did), on time (almost I was running a bit late, but it's me and I'm always late), out with the family (well the dogs were left at the house)- but anyway- driving on route 302 and low and behold my cross bike and rack go flying out of the back of my truck. Yup, flying, like they sprouted wings. Don't know why. Not sure how. I've driven thousands of miles with bikes in the back, never an issue. But on this day it was an issue.
Busted lever
Amazingly the damage isn't tooooo bad. I'm placing an order with Bikeman this morning and it will be a manageable amount. Need a new brake lever (the Dura-Ace STI survived it was the Cane Creek that took the pounding), a new bar, new tape, new seat- and I think that may be it. Everything else looks ok but the true test will be the no-handed test once it's rideable again.
When you can't race- eating is the next best option!

Not all was lost, got in a great road ride with K. She was in a hammering mood- so I got in a great workout and enjoyed some nice views. I'll show those to you once I find a flash drive that isn't being so temperamental! (late edit- flash drive still tempermental but got it to take a few pics so here they are)
K getting ready to go up the hill at the end of the ride
K showing the TWAF colors

later and ride safe.


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bluecolnago said...

that jersey k is wearing is so pro! love it!

enjoy the fall, buddy!