Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Kingdom Trails

Finally got back to Kingdom Trails this past weekend with JJ and Fat Old Dads, what a great day of riding. I didn't do the full weekend that was described as- "Ah what troubled times when these grown men leave their families to get sweaty and drink beer, excessive behavior to be sure." J-Mac. I had to do the over and back in a day (which wasn't bad)- but the riding is so worth it.

JJ and I started out with Dave-O and Jim and hit a whole bunch of trails that I can't recall the names of- other then Loop and Fence-Line. It's was interesting as the "easy" trails were the ones to sketch me out, mainly because they were covered with leaves and you just couldn't see what trouble you were about to get into, but no trouble ended up being found- so that is a good thing.

We got in a couple hours of riding, including runs through Old Webbs and Sidewinder- such great trails. We then met up with other members of Fat Old Dads and rode for another couple of hours having a great time. Click here for a video from FOD of Sidewinder.

JJ and I then headed back to the cars with the intent of reloading water and food to head out for a bit more and ultimately hit the pump track. However JJ locked his keys in the car so we had to hang out for AAA to show up and bail us out. Amazing the simple tools you need to get into a car- but that is another story! By the time we were ready to roll we made the decision to hit the pump track and then grab some food and a beer.

The pump track was interesting. We both sucked at it- but it was fun. I'm not sure if 29'ers aren't really ideal for pump tracks or we just lacked skill- or a combination of the two- but the rollers and corners just felt a little small to really get comfortable and to get a "pump" going. Of course I'm not really sure what the heck I am doing on a pump track- so that may have had much more to do with it. Either way it was fun and it did take the last bit of juice out of my legs, so I was ready to hit the pub.

Good food (slow service) and good beer for a great day. Can't wait to do it again.


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