Thursday, March 18, 2010

early miles

With surgery looming at the end of April and knowing that I won't be able to ride for quite some time after that I have been trying to get some riding in. The nice thing is that the weather for March has been very cooperative so far and very un-March like. Yesterday it was pushing 65 with a light breeze. The early morning ride was in the 20's so still a bit chilly. I was underdressed for my morning commute and overdressed for the ride home.

On the ride home something happened to me that I have never had happen before. I was rolling along as a State Trooper cruises past me. As I watch it pass it pulls to the side in front of me, I start to think "Is he pulling me over?" "I'm on a bike." I know it's St. Patty's day and all but I'm on a bike. Maybe he had informant in the bar I was in at lunch time.

I pulled up to his window and looked in to see that I knew the Trooper. I asked him if he was pulling me over, he laughed and said "Ya, on your bike" It was funny but he thought I was someone else. Either way we each went on our respective ways after a little laugh. I think it might have been funny trying to do field sobriety tests in road shoes in lycra. Its odd what runs through your mind when these sorts of goofy things happen.


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