Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I felt that

Snuck out for a lunchtime spin yesterday, it turned into a ride that lasted for a weeks worth of lunches, but that was ok. Took the Chilli out as the roads are still in rough shape, that and I still haven't swapped out the stem on the Primero (stripped bolt on the face plate- three probably are enough but why risk it).

I ended up riding a route I've never ridden before, heading out around the big side of Moose Pond. The route had some awesome views, and much more climbing than I had thought it would have. Ended up with almost 1700 feet of climbing. Not that that is a lot, but at this point in the season I am not looking to climb!

I'm hoping that they do some work on the Mountain Road as the loop is nice, just not one I think I would want to run 23cc tires on. With that said I've been thinking about trying to find a pair of 27 or 28cc tires to run as my standard road tire. There are just too many crappy roads around here that 23's just seem a foolish choice. Plus I'm getting old and am looking for comfort!

On the Big Mama front, it's built and seems to fit. I need to dial in the boinging parts and I'm going to swap out the bars for a riser and then get a set of Ergon's for the love of my hands. I'm anxious to give it a go. It feels sluggish riding around, but that may be the fact I've been on a fully rigid bike now for a few years- any bit of give when riding around on pavement or grass feels sluggish- so I won't know until we go railing into some nice singletrack- soooooon!

That is it for now. Ride safe.



Mike said...

I hate to say the dreaded name "Michelin"(sends shivers down my spine), but the Krylion Carbon in a 25c is the way to go. Once inflated, it stretches out closer to a 26 and even a 27c, and it a pretty damn tough tire. Its like riding on a couch....

If I were more of the hypocrite type, I would put those suckers on my bike...

What was done said...

Getting old is only in our mind.
Age never prevented people from doing things:

Dennis said...

yes, but gravity does