Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Duathalon of sorts

Sunday we had the Cranmore Race Team end of the year cookout at Cranmore Mountain. Got to race a pro-style slalom course which was a lot of fun. Spring skiing was great but the warm temps of the last couple of weeks had taken it's toll on the mountain. After skiing with the family, and both my wife and oldest son winning their respective race categories we headed home.

On the drive home I was thinking about going for a ride. A friend had sent me a text about a mountain bike ride they took the day before and that the trails were in pretty nice shape. So I dug out the SS and headed out to Sticks & Stones which was in fine shape.

After a lap there I decided to go see what the Sidehill trail looked like. I anticipated some Ice on the climb up which was there but not that much for mid March. I walked those sections and when it was gone the trail was dry. Once I turned onto Sidehill I was surprised at how good it was. The ground wasn't spongy or soft at all.

I crossed the bridge without issue and then proceeded down the rest of the trail. Aside from a couple of blowdowns the trails were nice. I was amazed to be riding in mid 50's on dirt in March. Don't think I can recall doing that ever in NH. It has been raining since then so maybe it was a very small window of riding, but I was happy to shake the rust off this early.

Hard to beat a day of skiing and mountain biking. My kind of duathalon.


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