Sunday, November 16, 2008

Final Race of 2008

Last race of the Great Glen CX series, and I have to say it was good that it was the last race! I had fun, but I was slow and just didn't have any snap. In some ways I'm very ready to put the 2008 season behind me and get down to doing the work needed for 2009.

Today the wind was a big issue as well as a good amount of mud. In fact I crashed on my first lap when my front wheel found the edge of a ditch and the wet earth just gave way- it was sort of funny but I was third wheel when it happened and by the time I picked up my butt off the ground I was DFL. From there I fought back to the pack and then blew up. So for about two laps I held tough, then I hung back for the final four laps. I beat on other dude who looked to be struggling sort of like I was.

The other issue was the temp dropped by over 15 degrees in less then 30 minutes- so a race where you were very comfortable in shorts and a summer weight LS jersey quickly became a very cold race with winds up over 40 mph and temps dropping into the 30's.

I am looking forward to building my base for 2009 and seeing how I can vastly improve upon this season. It shouldn't be hard, but I will have to put in the work and make sure I remain consistant. Time will tell!

Now it's time to start dreaming of snow storms and great days out on the trails (XC) and out on the hill for some lift serve.

Ride safe!


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bluecolnago said...

just make sure those dreams are just that, dreams. it seems like it was just spring, now it's winter already. bahhhhh.....