Friday, November 14, 2008

Wet and dark ride

This whole daylight savings thing messes with my chi (whatever that is) and has caused me to not ride my bike. With it being Thursday (yesterday, not today) and with the past weekends efforts still making me walk funny and the upcoming weekends efforts in front of me I decided it was time to ride my bike. Of course when it's 7:30pm, raining/sleeting and is 34 degrees out you have to dig around for snivel gear and lights.

I was half hoping to not find what I was looking for and say I had put in the effort, but much to my surprise everything sort of found me (or was that my kids and wife wanting me to get the hell out of the house and stop complaining about not riding, so they brought me a big pile of snivel gear and lights?)

I suited up in my kermit the frog ninja suit (mash these two up),
found the booties, grabbed the ipod, grabbd lights and headed out the door. I got outside and thought to myself, "self, this is stupid. It's cold. It's wet. It's dark. You have two perfectly good trainers you could mount up and watch Smallville while you twiddle away on the bike."

While that was a good thought I also realized I was all dressed up so I might as well get out for a spin. I grabbed the cross bike, hit play and out I went. It wasn't long before I was actually enjoying myself and thinking about what people must think as they drove by. My version goes like this: "wow, look at that dedicated and rugged cyclist who is out in this crazy weather. If only I could find a poster of him I'd hang it on my wall and build a shrine to his greatness."

Of course here is the likely reality, "Really Buffy I just can't figure out this housing crisis, OH JESUS i just about ran over some fool on a bike, he must be riding to the night shift at the Big Apple, Stupid bastard- next time get a designated driver! Sorry about that Buffy, what was I saying- oh wait I've got another call coming in- it's my shrink."

Anyway the ride went well and I got in after about an hour. The best part is stripping down, I always feel like I'm pulling off a wet suit, reminds me of when I used to windsurf in the fall and you had this massive pile of wet clothign that was supposed to keep you warm.

So that's my story, not much of one, but I do feel better today and my legs were happy to get out and spin- now I just need to do this everyday and then I too can mount a comeback.

ride safe,


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bluecolnago said...

good for you! ya gotta do what ya gotta do and if that means riding in the cold, wet, dark night, well, that's the way it is. just be careful!