Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Ride

I'm listening to Alices Restaurant as I missed it yesterday and the day just didn't feel complete. That being said we did start a new Thanksgiving Day tradition as my brother in law Frank and I got out for a good spin down at Fort Rock in Exeter. Now I have a special relationship with Fort Rock, as I left a great deal of my shin down on some rocks at Fort Rock, and that was in the back of my minds when we got down there. With that said the wreck had to do with a bridge, so I just made sure I walked the bridges- and that served me well.

We lucked out with the weather, it was about 40 degrees, no wind, and it was dry. I had brought down the Mamasita for the day, which meant I had brought gears and suspension- which quickly revealed itself as a good decision.

We spent a good hour out cruising around and found some great sections of trail that I would like to get back and ride again. Especially one section that reminds me a great deal of some of the trails over at Kingdom, fast, swooping (sort of like Old Web), and fairly smooth. We also rode some trails that had more roots and rocks than any one trail should have. The type of trail that you can clean if you go balls out on it, but if you check up and loose your momentum you end up stopping dead.

By the end we knew we had to start heading home as there was some juicy Turkey waiting. So we loaded up and headed back for a fantastic Thanksgiving Day dinner.

I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving!

Ride on.


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bluecolnago said...

sounds like a good day, a good ride, and good dinner! woohoo!