Friday, February 12, 2010

Getting out for a ride with Chris

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Snuck out for a ride this afternoon with Chris and we hit up some of the local snowmobile trails. It was great to get out and made me realize I've been missing the boat this winter when I get out on the cross bike- the snowmobile trails are the place to be!

We ended up riding about 1/3 of the TWAFHGGPT route, and Chris finished much stronger than his last time out on some of these trails. We both hit the deck a couple times trying to make it across glaze ice, but no damage was done. The 29'er with Rampages was the tool- the only other bike I would have wanted would have been a pugsley. We even took a short spin out on the lake, just to say we did.

When we got back we did a quick wash down of the bikes and then I noticed that a package was on the front steps, it was my SRAM order. Sweet! The funny part was I couldn't remember what I had ordered- but then it dawned on me- a bunch of stems to keep working on fit, chains and cassettes and a new crank for K's cross bike.

In the end- a great day, started with a skin up and ski down over at Shawnee Peak where I ran into another skier I know on his first trip skinning up. A good day at work followed by a great "lunch" ride. Hmmmm how to cap the day off....

ride on,



Mike said...

Gotta admit, I do love riding the Pugsley, but at this point, I think it is almost over kill. I see TONS of regular mtb tracks out there. I really don't think there is much need for the 4" wide tires. Even they slip on ice. Contemplating taking the cross bike out next time as things certainly are rock solid right now.

Sven said...

Mike, I took out the cross bike and it was fun, the issue I have is not trusting what is under the snow and ice- the mountain bike just gives me a touch more time to react to being chucked over the bars!