Monday, February 08, 2010

It Takes A Lot of Clothing

I wanted to get out for a ride yesterday. No big deal. The temps weren't crazy cold- upper teens lower 20's, but the wind was pretty strong. I didn't feel like being cold so I bundled up. It was a good ride, out for 75 minutes with a good chunk of climbing.

When I got back I started to strip down and as I did I started laughing. Take a look at this pic and you'll understand why. All this for one ride!


Mike said...

I have actually weighed my clothing, and it takes more than 14 pounds of gear (and that didn't include the winter shoes) to keep warm on a sub 30 degree day.

weak and feeble said...

so is that why I'm so slow in the winter? all that extra "winter" weight! LOL