Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's late February and the snow is mostly gone. I'm in a weird place as I'm not sure I really had my fill of winter yet, but at the same time I'm not sure there is enough base out in the mountains to make more snow a worth while thing. Of course I also have to realize that I have very little say in the matter, other than how I react to any future storms.

Normally I get very excited for spring snow. It means great back country trips, good spring bumps, a few powder days, plenty of sun and snow. It's a good time. But right now I'm starting to think that riding in the woods could be very fun, but that requires a bit more melting and drying. So the mess with this whole thing is that the trails will not be clear anytime soon, and any snow we get won't do a whole lot for the BC skiing. Hmmmmm.

Of course I also just tore my back up again so I'm not skiing or riding at this moment, so maybe this is my chance to put in a few quality weeks in the gym getting my core into some semblance of shape.

Who knows.

In other news the Big Mama will arrive into the quiver at some point in the coming weeks/months. For that I am excited. I am looking at either selling the El Mariachi as a SS or converting into a Fargo wannabe. The challenge with that is that I have hydraulic disc brakes on the bike and would like to run a drop bar, like the Woodchipper, but not sure if I want to set up a cable actuated brake or run the hydro levers up on the flats- hmmmm.

If I did this I would do it because I could, not because I need this bike- but it could be a fun rig to have. The other option is to sell it. So if anyone is looking for a fully rigid 29er SS let me know and I can get you the details and we can talk price.

The other bike that may find a new home is my Surly Cross-check. Currently set up as a flip flop wheel so it can run either as a fixie or a SS. I love this bike, but I don't ride it very often and that makes me feel bad as it (and the El Mariachi) seem happiest when they are out on the trails or dirt roads. If anyone is looking for a 58cm steel cross frame that can be built up into any configuration you can think of let me know, if I know it'll get ridden I'm sure I could find a reasonable price to let it go at.

One other bike in the quiver that needs a new home is my wife's road bike. A Trek WSD 1.2 road bike. Since I built her a cross bike she really has no need for a regular road bike considering how often she rides. Meaning another bike that may need to find a new home.

That's about it in my world. Now get out and ride.


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