Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Utah trip

The NorthEast has been suffering through a very tough stretch of no new snow. We had a nice base but a few weeks ago we had a terrible day of warmer temps combined with 3 inches of rain. It decimated the snow cover to the point where it is looking more like April then February. To add insult to injury we have to watch the news and see places like Virginia getting storm after storm. They don't want the snow nor do they even have the capability to deal with the 3+ feet they have gotten and the next dump they are supposed to get later this week.

We want it and can't get it. (sounds like we have an issue)

With the snow drought I have made an escape from the iceball that is Hew Hampshire and head to Park City Utah for the week. So far we have skied/snowboarded three days.

The first day we spent at Solitude which is located about 13 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon. We had gotten about 8" of fresh the night before so the riding was spectacular.

The next day we went to The Canyons. Only an inch of new snow but there was still some untracked pow in the trees, so that's where we went.

Yesterday we made the trek over to Snowbasin, the host of the alpine speed events for the 2002 Winter Olympics. It is an amazing place with really impressive views as well as top notch skiing. We were blessed with a bluebird day and skied from opening til close. Nothing like top to bottom skiing on 3,000 vert.

Today is an off-day for some recovery. Tomorrow we'll be back on the snow. Hope we get some fresh.


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