Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bugging Out

Wednesday I got out for a road ride with Nikki. We did the East COnway loop, 15 or so miles. Riding East Conway Road is quite rough and I forgot how bad it is down past JJ and my old neighborhood. What was worse was the bugs about a 1/2 mile before Shermans Farm. At first it started with a few hitting me, then more and by the time we turned and headed towards the Maine line it was a black cloud of little bugs. So thick I had my head down and couldn't stand it. Nikki stayed right on my wheel to keep from being pelted. At Weston's bridge we stopped and had to clean my eyes out. Nasty. Knee felt better, although the stitches were pulling a little. Took them out last night so hopefully it feels better for tomorrow's gravel grind.

Next year? Not sure, I'd like to do a 100 mile ride like Cohutta 100. Maybe go to Michigan and do the Ice Man Cometh. We'll see, Porky Gulch is in a few months so maybe I'll ride my bike a few times before that and get in some some sort of shape for that. Cross season starts soon, and the Great Glen series. Nikki's excited to do that so maybe I'll give it a go on the SS. We'll see, time for another Coffee, maybe I'll make it in my magic bullet.


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