Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fall Riding

Fall is here and in my mind the best riding is before us. The tough thing is we now have to share the woods with hunters, but I can't complain as we get the bulk of the season free of flying arrows and chunks of lead, time to start pulling out the bright colors.

JJ and I (maybe A1???) are heading up to the Kingdom Trails for a weekend of riding with a good crew from the area. I'm pretty excited as I've never been there before and have always heard great things. So look for pics, maps, and write up from JJ and I next week.

Cross season is coming and I've been working on my dismount and remount, I'm getting there, but still have a lot of work to do. I'm pretty stoked to run geared this year and I think I've got the bike pretty comfy, although I think I'm going to ditch the front gearing and run 1x- but before I do that I need to order a new cassette. I'm thinking a 42x 11-28 would be prime- we'll see!

Going down to the Gloucseter Cross weekend in October- anyone else going? Should be fun!

That's it for now.




bluecolnago said...

fall trail riding is like that around here too, you have to watch out for the hunters. share the woods. ah well, i hunt too, i guess.....

weak and feeble said...

we hunt too, just what we're hunting for ain't found in the woods....

weak and feeble said...

??? huh ??? what are we hunting for?