Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I'm a fan of the New England Patriots and have long enjoyed watching the Pats defense put up impressive showings year after year. One of my favorite defensive players has been Rodney Harrison, I just love the way he plays 100% all the time. In a twisted way I've found that his recent admission to using HGH as almost enlightening in the wake of the way cyclists deny, deny, deny. But then I started thinking about it and there is a reason that the cyclists deny, deny, deny- the penalty in the NFL is laughable in comparison to what happens in cycling. Harrison used HGH, got a four game suspension. Bernucci from T-Mobile used a baned appetite supressant and has been fired, and will now face a FOUR year ban from a Pro Tour team (granted he can come back after two years to a Continental Team).

I guess what burns me most about this is you read the mainstream sports reporters and if a cyclist tests positive it is the lead of the story about cycling, in the NFL you almost had to search out the Harrison story- it's as Coach Belichick said "an unfortuante incedent". You want an unfortunate incedent- Tom Danielson's season.

Do I have a point- no (there's a surprise) it's just something that ticks me off about how cycling is percieved. Oh well time to get over it!

Onto other thoughts- I was glad to see Tyler Hamilton's name in the results of both the TT and Road Race at Nationals. I'd like to see him back in the pro ranks. It bums me out to not know what the story is with him and his on going struggle. If he did dope I wish he would just come out and say- yup I did it- I did my time- I'm sorry, I was stupid- now I'm going to go back to racing and putting on a show. It's good to wish.

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