Monday, June 02, 2008

Cedar Creek

Got out for a good ride yesterday with A1 and a few other folks. Met up with a friend of my sisters that I've been trying to ride with for a couple of years now, and he brought along a friend who had the ultimate in Ti gear- a new shoulder! Get this- he had the Ti shoulder "installed" six weeks ago and was out hammering on a mountain bike- he said he was having a hard time as he was basically riding one armed (sounds like JJ most of last year!) but he was hanging tough. I can't wait to ride with them again after he's a bit stronger in the arm. He did say that he was sold on the SS option- ah yes our attempt to concour teh world continues! (not really)

We also met two other guys out on the trail, so we had a good group and it was fun.

I had one of my best rides down the descent at the mineral site, and I have to say- I was freakin flying (and I'll also so it won't happen again as i scared myself) but I had a guy riding an Ellsworth Truth behind me and I was hell bent to stay in front on my rigid SS- I did and it was fun and I hope I can ride that way again- but I might back it off from the edge a bit in the future as I came close a couple times to stacking hard.

A1 was out and riding well- but he needs to put Ergon's on the new ride- the round grips on a rigid SS just don't cut it when you've bombing downhill. As always A1 was killing everyone when the trail went up- ahhh to be 19 again!

That's it from here. Jason left a note (last years 24HOGG SS Solo winner) that he's thinking about a fixed gear team this year- yikes! I'm doing some research to see if it's been done- hmmmmm.

It's June by the way.



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