Monday, June 16, 2008

Good fathers day

Good out for a spin with A1, JJ and A1's buddy Brian for a Fathers Day SS ride in Davis. We did our part feeding the 'skeeters during our two hour trek. A1 spent some time on the ground, including a spectacular uphill wreck that I missed seeing but certainly heard it. That was just before I had to dismount and walk up the hill as I just don't have the legs this year- need to work on that!

Spent some time watching the Meet the Press special, Russert was always a favorite of mine- and it is hard be believe he is gone. Whoever assumes his chair has some big shoes to fill.

Then watched footage of the floods- Blue, I hope you are doing ok! We're thinking of you here in the east.

Last night I found myself watching WAYYYYY to much TV- US Open, Dauphine, and then NBA finals. I should hook my TV up the trainer and only watch as long as I can keep the thing powered up!

That's if from here. Wet week coming our way- so we'll keep the 'skeeters well fed.



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bluecolnago said...

we're all good. the closest any water got to my house was a block away. all of our off road trails are still under water but hey, that's life here sometimes:) i feel for ya with the (damned) skeeters. they are thick this year.

thanks for the good thoughts.