Monday, June 09, 2008

Good weekend of riding

Got out for a couple hours on the road bike on Saturday, did the Snowville loop solo and took it nice and easy. Ran into JJ as he was heading out to eat with the family, and we made a tentative plan to ride on Sunday morning. I rolled hom, got cleaned up and then the family and I headed out to Cafe Noche. From there I texted as many people as I could find in my address book that a ride would be leaving at 7am from my house.

Sunday morning came a bit quicker then I had hoped. My plan had been to get up early and do some work to the Mamasita, but best laid plans often fall apart.

The continget of riders- JJ and I. We headed out (both running gears and suspension- oh my!). The day's temps were slated to get up into the 90's and the early morning "cool" wasn't staying cool for too long. We rolled through Pine Tree, then the trails over to Stritch, 302 to Sears and from that point we stayed on trails for the next couple of hours. It was good to get out and try to ride sort of fast, of course I was dreading what I knew lay ahead- the Cranmore Access Road. I was still running a 2x9 and a 32x32 on a 29'er still isn't very low. I don't know why a 32x20 seems find for climbing on the SS but when you run gears you expect to have a gear that will work.

Needless to say on the climb JJ rode away and it wasn't long before I was walking in shame. That is untill I saw JJ walking in shame as well. Maybe a granny gear isn't such a bad thing! Or maybe having 25% of the miles in my legs that I usually have this time of year is a bad thing- it's one or the other!

We got to the top and I was starting to feel pretty whooped. The temps were up and I was blasting through my water. I had enough to get back to town, but that was only because I wasn't drinking the rest right then and there. The rip down Red Tail was excellent. I felt pretty good, there were a few bobbles that put my heart in my throat, but for the most part we kept the downhill speed in check.

We rolled the lower section, saw a couple riding up and then ran into PeteO at the water tower- he was heading up as well. I would have loved to see how he rides up that thing- as he is one strong and fast rider (last years 24HOGG solo champ).

Next stop was Sids in town to reload on water and for me a coke and JJ a redbull. I'm not sure the temp at that point- but damn it was hot.

We rolled home via the powerline and then fast tracked it back on the pavement. I was struggling pretty hard at the end- basically staring at JJ's backside and just trying to hold his wheel. There was a sprint for the line- mine was very feeble and JJ won easily. From that point it was just survival getting home as temps had crossed into the mid 90's and I was pretty much melting. It was good to be done, it was good to run cold water on my head, it was good that the cramps didn't kick in until I had showered and was laying on the couch.

Thanks to JJ for towing my slowing butt home and can't wait to do it again!


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