Thursday, June 26, 2008

Maybe saying goodbye to....

...a couple of bikes from the stable. I've got someone looking at my M2 SS and Jake the Snake, and they may soon have a new home. The good news is they will go to someone who rides and that makes me happy- the bad news- well lets just say I don't really like getting rid of gear.

The M2 has been with me for a long time. It was my first high end mountain bike, and we've had some fantastic adventures together over the years. I can actually remember when I got it, I was working at the Skirack in Vermont and I bought two- one for my wife and one for myself on Pro-deal and I remember the rep working with me on the part spec. Actually to date I still haven't spent as much money on a single bike, the prodeal on the bike was $2672.28. Why I remember that was that I bought my wife's engagement ring soon after and I thought it was funny that I spent more on the bike then on her ring. As a side note- she no longer has that ring (well she has the ring but has lost the diamond) but she still has her bike! That may be why I've held on to mine as well- sentimental reasons. But now I don't ride it, it sits in third position when it comes to my mountain bikes and just doesn't get the love. It now is built up as a SS with a rigid fork and most of the riding it sees in towing Emma around on the trail-a-bike. The bike does that very well, but I have to say it wants to get back on the trails and rail around on single track.

The other bike is the Jake the Snake- which I got as a used bike and have since become completely hooked on cross racing. We've been through some good races but it has always been a bit off in terms of fit. The saving grace is I plan on replacing it with another Jake- just a larger size.

So there is my roll down memory lane for this morning. Get out and ride- and Blue- I hope things are drying out!



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bluecolnago said...

thanks, things are slowly returning to normal around here.

things tend to do that, i guess.

have a good 'en!