Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Good Way To Start The Day

JJ called me last night to see if I wanted to ride in this morning, I said yes and we then made the decision about dirt or pavement. Dirt was the choice, the time was set and all was good in the world of cycling.

We met up a bit past 7:30 and began our pedal. Normally the commute via the road takes around 25-30 minutes with not a whole lot of effort. Dirt doubles that and this morning I was feeling it, but in a good way.

We hit the trails that connect from Pine Tree over to Stritch, then pavement to Sears, rail to powerline, powerline to sticks and stones, pavement into town. Got that?

Anyway it was a good ride, I'm awake (although I am drinking coffee) and it was good to get out and ride with JJ.

Last night I chatted with A1 who had just got done riding the spin bike- I let you make your own comments.

24 Hours of Great Glen is only two months away. That scares me a bit, or it relaxes me- I'm not sure which!

Anyway time to get to work. Ride on.


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JV said...

Geez, coffee or not, 24 hours of doing anything seems tiring! Wish you the best of luck! How many on your team? Looking forward to the post. Oh, hmmm, looking at the dates I notice that I'll be in the US during that time... New England too, errr, MTB has been sitting lonely in the basement for 2.5 years awaiting my return... must... resist... Plus, riding cobble streets and jumping tram tracks is nothing like N.E. singletrack.

Post pictures of that please so I can live vicariously.