Friday, September 05, 2008


Got out for a night ride last night, not a crazy ride by any stretch, but it felt good to get out and pedal. Rode a bit of single track and double track, but the bulk of the riding was pavement or dirt roads.

For the wildlife report- two deer crossed in front of me early in the ride. And I saw one porcupine cross the road in front of me. I actually tried to get my phone out to snap a shot, but despite their slowness he was quick enough to get into the underbrush before I could get a shot- next time.

Rode with gears last night, need to stop doing that! Talked to JJ about his new rig- looks nice. Hmmm carbon fork for the Mamasita? Might be in the cards.

Sastra to Cervelo- so maybe they really do make the best bikes.



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