Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The new build continues

So my newest project is getting closer to completion. Installed the crown race and headset on Sunday. Thanks to Sven for lending the headset tool. It would have been a mess to try and do it with a hammer and a chisel that I had to use.

The carbon fork looks wicked nice with the paint job and the red accents on the fork.

I did a couple test laps around the driveway to see if I hade everything set up right and it was a nice smooth test ride.

Last thing to do is cut the steerer tube down. I'm always a bit leary of cutting anything as its sorta a permenent type thing. I am actually waiting to cut it until the rest of the parts arrive. Funny how you order parts to build up a bike and you think you have everything you need, that is until you find out you need something you forgot.

Hopefully tommorw or Friday the headset spacers, stem and new handlebars arrive and I can finalize the steerer tube length and install the compression plug. At that point it will be time for the dirt.


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