Wednesday, September 17, 2008

riding and building

Since our move over to Maine I haven't been riding as much as I would like, a host of reasons go into that- but the biggest has been priorities. I've been very focused on moving, the new job, getting our NH house ready to rent, yada yada yada- but now (for the most part) life is settling into a routine and I'm getting the bike back involved.

With the move I have had to leave some of the nicest single track a guy could ask for behind. It has been a long time with my enjoyment of others hard work in the woods, and the time has come that I begin to give back by building some trails. That is one of the nice things about working for a private school- we have land, and we have a headmaster who is into cycling and wanting to see trails get built- so I have the space, I own rakes, and now I just need to go out and do it.

Last night the girls and I (well most of the girls- K was out walking the dogs) went out and raked a section of trail that connected two existing but dead end pieces of trail- so I have one loop ready to be ridden in. I have a few other sections laid out in my mind- now I need to just get out and make them happen.

So I begin the giving back for trail building karma.



weak and feeble said...

Its about time you got to building some trails. Its been weeks since you moved.


Wolverines said...

True, true, true

Wolverines said...

by the way, I've finished two sections now- let's get out and ride!