Thursday, September 25, 2008

Out for a road ride

Got out of about an hour and a half on the road bike last night. It felt good. Rode an old training loop from when I was racing in the juniors- boy did that bring back memories. It's crazy to realize how much time has passed in life sometimes. I was speaking to a student the other day and realized he hadn't been born yet when I won my first road race. That threw me for a loop. There are times I still think of the students here at Bridgton Academy as being older then me- and then I realize that those days are LONG gone.

Basso is coming back, Lance is coming back, Tyler is in the Stars and Stripes- pretty interesting to see the "old gaurd" coming back. Although Basso is still young, it just seems like he's part of the old ways. When is Frankie going to come back? For that matter Ned has never stopped- that man is amazing.

Talked with JJ about Kingdom Trails- I had forgotten about the trip- now I'm scrambling trying to make that happen. We had such a great time last year, I need to make it work in some way shape or form.

Been thinking a fair amount about ski season- it's really not that far off!

Need to get the Surly set from cross season, have forgone building up a new bike. I think I need to prove to myself that I can be competitive before I spent money to make the bike a bit faster. I know, how none "American Consumer" of me. Of course the real story- I don't care for the new color of the Kona Jake frame.

ride on.


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